Lord of Life SCRIP Program

What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is a gift card that is purchased at the face value of the card. Lord of Life buys SCRIP from companies that purchase large quantities of cards from retailers, grocery store chains, restaurants, home-improvement centers, and department stores at a predetermined discount. 

When we buy a gift card, the difference between the face value and the discounted price for the gift card equals the funds raised. It costs you NOTHING more to buy SCRIP and you raise money for Lord of Life in the process.

Below is the SCRIP order form.


What does SCRIP look like?

SCRIP looks like the gift card you would buy in the store or restaurant.

What stores can I buy SCRIP for?

Many retailers participate in the SCRIP program, check out our order form. If the store you are looking for is not on the form or you would like to see all the retailers that are available, go to www.glscrip.com and click on "retailer list." The stores are listed alphabetically. You can also search by retailer type.

Where do I purchase SCRIP?

There are 3 ways to order your Scrip:

1)  Fill out the order form on Saturday or Sunday at the table, and pay with cash or check.

2)  Set up a family account on shopwithscrip.com and order online.  Print off your order and bring it with you to worship, along with your check or cash and we will fill your order from that form.

3)  Use Presto Pay,  order and pay on-line at shopwithscrip.com, using your Presto Pay account.  Order by 3:00pm on Thursday, and your cash and carry items will be ready for you to pick up that weekend.  Any pre-paid items will be ready to pick up the following weekend.

4)  Use Presto Pay, order and pay on-line by 7:00pm on Sunday.  Those orders will be available for you the following weekend; both your cash and carry, and your pre-paid orders.

Are Cards Always Available?

The Church keeps an inventory of some cards on hand. Those are our “Cash and Carry” cards and are at the bottom of the order form. All other cards on the order form and those listed on www.glscrip.com must be ordered.

What if the card I want to purchase has been sold out?

You will have the option to cancel the order for that card, switch to a similar card, or order the card for pick up after the following weekend services.

How do I purchase a card(s) that is not “cash and carry”?

Complete the order form and bring it to the SCRIP table or drop it off in the Church Office by Sunday. The card(s) will be ordered and available for pick up the following weekend. Non-cash and carry cards must be paid in full to be ordered.

When and how do I pay for SCRIP?

You must pay for SCRIP when you make your purchase or place your order. You can pay with cash, or a check made payable to Lord of Life Scrip. You can also sign up for Presto Pay at shopwithscrip.com and order, reload and actually print certain certificates online (E-cards) from the comfort of your home.

How do I sign up for Presto Pay?

Click the link below to watch a You Tube video on how to sign up for Presto Pay:


The website is shopwithscrip.com. You will need your checking account and routing number. You will also need our organization identifier for Lord of Life, which is  EDLB173536751. Be sure to note your login ID and password. Great Lakes Scrip will make 2 small deposits into your account to verify the account information.

When you see these deposits in your checking account, sign on to shopwithscrip.com and enter the deposited amounts. You will be given a verification code to send to our scrip coordinator at scrip@lordoflifekenosha.org. She will then activate your Presto Pay account. The whole process takes a day or two, but only needs to be completed once.

When you place orders online and pay with Presto Pay, you can reload certain cards and print E-cards immediately. Reloadable cards and E-cards are listed on the SCRIP order form with an “R” and/or “E”. Additional cards are listed at shopwithscrip.com.

Great Lakes SCRIP is also piloting a program to add an app for your smartphone that would allow you to purchase scrip through the app right on your phone, while you are at the retailer! This would only be available if you were signed up for Presto Pay, but HOW HANDY!  We hope this will be available in the near future.

Are my purchases tax deductible?

A portion is! The amount that is discounted to Lord of Life or the percentage you see in the Return column on the order form is tax deductible. When you make your first SCRIP purchase, we will ask to sign the SCRIP PROGRAM AGREEMENT which allows us to apply the balance of your rebates as a charitable contribution to the church. The deductible amounts will appear on your contribution statement each year.

We encourage all our parishioners to support Lord of Life through the purchase of SCRIP for your groceries and gas in particular. The average family of 4 spends $200 a week on groceries. If you purchase SCRIP that pays Lord of Life 5%, we receive an additional $520 per year and you have paid nothing more plus you can deduct that amount. Please consider this for your church.

Can I return SCRIP cards for a refund?

Sorry, but no. Once purchased, a SCRIP card cannot be returned to Lord of Life for a refund. Please make sure that you can utilize SCRIP for the type of purchase you intend to make.

If you have any questions about our SCRIP program, or are interested in joining the team of volunteers that sell gift cards, please email scrip@lordoflifekenosha.org.