Rev. Dr. Carol Jeunnette, Interim Pastor

Child of God. Daughter. Sister. Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Pastor. Learner. Musician.

Questioner. Congregational Caregiver and Healing Facilitator. Coach. Carer.

At times Pastor Carol Jeunnette has a hard time describing who she is and what she does, but

she begins with Child of God - where we all begin.

Pastor Carol describes herself as the “Pastor and Consultant for the Interim” at Lord of Life.

She is here, not only to make sure worship, ministry, mission and care continue during this in-

between time, but also to help the congregation discern what is needed to move into the future as God’s church in this place.

Congregational care - working with faith communities that need a little extra help - has been

Pastor Carol’s focus for the last couple decades. Her Ph.D. work focused on care of

congregations, and she has walked with multiple congregations through difficult times. Pastor Carol’s academic work in counseling, Bowen Family Systems theory and theology, as well as 30 years of ordained ministry all help shape her way of being with congregations.

Carol and her husband, John, moved to the north side of Racine a couple years ago. They

have lived multiple places - from Chicago to New Mexico to Denver to New Hampshire and

most recently, Brooklyn, NY. Why Racine? It is close to Lake Michigan, and close but not too

close to children and three young grandchildren in the Chicago area. She is a long-time student of the flute, and a short-term student of the oboe, and enjoys playing in community bands.

“Together,” says Pastor Carol, “we will consider what God is calling Lord of Life to be and do,

identify what gets in the way of our responding to that call, and shape ourselves to respond with joy and enthusiasm!”


Church Council Members

Council President, Jackie McCarthy 

Council Vice President, Joe Nosalik

Council Secretary, John Meyer

Treasurer, Brian Lynch

          Members At-Large

Kathi Strott

Liz Young

Sonja Wolfe (Who also serves on the ELCA Churchwide Council.)