Youth Prayer Circle

Faith Development

How would you describe your faith life: vibrant, active, or perhaps engaging? If we are being honest, a more accurate description might be routine, complacent, or even non-existent. In our busy lives and our crazy world, we are being pulled in a number of different directions. Many things get prioritized over exploring and nurturing our faith. It can be easy to become distracted and can be difficult to focus on any one thing. Yet, Scripture tells us that God is our Rock, a sure foundation upon which we can build our lives. Faith is a gift of the Spirit, but how we choose to live into and live out that faith is part of our free-will. When our faith becomes the purpose driving our thoughts, words, and actions, everything else will start to come into focus. When we strive to live Intentionally Faith-Focused lives, we offer ourselves more fully to the love, mercy, and grace of God.

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Explore the diverse faith development opportunities offered here at Lord of Life. We hope that in and through these experiences, we all will grow in our relationship with one another and with our ever-present God.


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