First Time Visitor?

We know that one of the most difficult things is to walk into an unfamiliar church for the first time.  What is on the other side of the door?  Will the people be friendly?  Will I be able to figure out the service?  Most importantly, will I be welcome?

What You Can Expect

We have been in your position before and we know how we would want to be greeted.  Because of that, we will be in the lobby to welcome you, not to overwhelm you.  We'll offer a smile, our name, and answer any question you might have.

Our worship space is on your left as you walk in the front door.  The service is printed out in a bulletin that we will hand to you and it is easy to follow.  For the Sunday services, you will be invited to take a hymn book located right in front of your chair.  For the Saturday service, all the songs are printed in the bulletin.  You will also see a screen with the weekly announcements scrolling before worship.  This might help you to know some of the ministries going on at that time.  There is also an announcement sheet in your bulletin.  We hope you will take that home to look over further.   

Following most worship services, coffee and treats are served in the lobby.  Please enjoy them with us.  If you have any questions after worship, leaders with name tags are walking around the lobby.  Feel free to talk to any of us and please, join us again!

What is Membership?

Membership at Lord of Life is about a relationship and not about privileges. Whether or not you are a member, we will care for you and visit you in times of need. You can worship, participate in programs, and attend Sunday school.

If you choose to become a member of Lord of Life, you are formalizing a relationship and affirming your desire to share in the work of God in this place. You will be asked to join in the basic faith practices of worship, prayer, Bible reading/study, encouraging others, service, and giving of time, talent and financial resources. Together we give witness to God and commit ourselves to God’s work in the world.

New Member Classes

New member classes are offered three times each year: following Christmas (Jan-Feb), following Easter (April-May), and after school begins (Sept-Oct). People interested in learning more about Christianity, the Lutheran tradition, and Lord of Life Church are invited to attend.